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 August 28, 2016  

Microsoft Data Mining Books

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Data Mining as an Application Platform

Slides from Jamie's 2006 talk presented at Microsoft Academic Days in Toronto, CA and AMCIS in Acapulco, MX

SQL Server 2005 2 Day Course

Two powerpoint decks from Jamie's 2 day class delivered in Copenhagen in 2005

SQL Server Data Mining Programmability

Learn more about the new APIs for data mining in SQL Server 2005, and get an introduction to several common development scenarios. (50 printed pages)

Programming SQL 2005 DM using AMO

This is a short slide deck that walks you through the steps for programmatically creating a mining model and related objects in SQL Server 2005 using AMO.

SQL Server 2005 DM Overview

This slide deck give you a broad overview of SQL Server Data Mining concepts followed by a tour of new DM engine features and algorithms in SQL Server 2005.

SQL Server Data Mining: Plug-In Algorithms

Describes how SQL Server 2005 Data Mining allows third parties to plug their own algorithms directly into Analysis Server, without needing to worry about infrastructure tasks like data handling, parsing, metadata or storage management and security.

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