Movie Survey Questions


1. What is your preferred format for pre-recorded movies?      

2. How often do you watch pre-recorded movies?       

3. How often do you rent pre-recorded movies?          

4. How often do you watch Pay-Per-View events or movies?   

5. How often do you purchase pre-recorded movies?   

6. How often do you watch movies in theaters?

7. How often do you watch movies on a movie network (television)?    

8. Which criteria are most important in choosing a particular movie?


 Critics Recommendation


 Friends Recommendation



 Newspaper Ads


 Television Ads


9. Which movie channels do you watch most frequently?


 American Movie Classics







 Independent Film Channel

 Lifetime Movie Network

 The Movie Channel



 Sci-Fi Channel

 Sundance Channel



 Turner Classic Movies




10. How do you watch broadcast television?    

11. How many televisions do you have in your home?

12. Who generally picks the movies you watch?           

13. Enter your favorite movies:

14. Enter your favorite actors and actresses:

15. Enter your favorite directors:

16. Age:

17. Gender:     

18. Marital Status:       

19. Number of children:

20. What level of education have you completed?         

21. Do you currently own or rent your home?   

22. How many bedrooms do you have in your home?

23. How many bathrooms do you have in your house? 

24. How many cars do you own?

25. How do you connect to the internet from home?     

26. Which of the following technologies do you own?

 Analog Satellite


 Console Game System(e.g. XBOX PS2 etc)

 Digital Satellite


 Flat Screen TV

 Front Projection TV



 PVR(Tivo UltimateTV ReplayTV)

 Rear Projection TV

 Surround Sound


 Video-capable Automobile


27. What are your favorite hobbies/areas of interest?

 Acting & Theatre


 Autos Boats & Planes

 Books & Literature

 Business & Investing

 Camping & Hiking

 Charity and Community Organizations

 Collecting(Stamps Cards Antiques...)


 Comics and Animation


 Food & Cooking

 Games & Roleplaying


 Home Design/Improvement


 Hunting & Guns

 Kids & Family

 Music & Radio

 Movies & Television

 Museums & Art

 News & Media

 Pets & Animals



 Science & Technology